3 of 4 Kentucky quadruplets to attend same southwest Ohio university this fall

Three of the four Clark quadruplets will attend Cedarville University this fall.
Three of the four Clark quadruplets will attend Cedarville University this fall.



Three’s not always a crowd, at least not for the Clark family.

Of the five Clark siblings, four are quadruplets, and three of them will be leaving their home in Mt. Washington, Kentucky and attending Cedarville University as members of the school’s incoming freshman class, following in the footsteps of their older sister Lyndsey, who is a Cedarville graduate herself.

Landon Clark will study mechanical engineering, Lucas will pursue a degree in worship, and Lauren will focus on business management with a concentration in human resources. For these three Clarks, the upcoming fall semester is an important next step for them as a family.

“It means a lot,” Lauren said. “It’s a sweet time in the life of our family.”

One of the driving forces behind the Clarks’ decisions to attend Cedarville was the religious component, as faith has always played a central role in their lives.

“Christ has always been the center of our family,” Lucas said. “I feel like Cedarville is a great place to learn through God’s word.”

In addition to the faith component, Cedarville will also give the siblings the tools they need to succeed after college, Lucas continued.

“We can develop relationships around Christ with other people and be equipped to do our career skillfully, but also share the love of Christ around the world,” he said.

The fourth quadruplet, Logan, has opted to forge his own path and will be attending Eastern Kentucky University to study aviation. Logan’s parents understand the courage it took to make the decision to go to EKU and respects their son for doing so.

“We are super proud that he has taken that step and is pursuing what he feels like is that call on his life,” Logan’s father Jason said. “We know he’s going to do well there.”

Even though Logan will be apart from his siblings, his father is certain the distance won’t keep him from maintaining strong bonds with them.

“He’s going to remain close,” Jason said. “The joke is that he may hijack an airplane and fly to Cedarville every now and then to see his siblings.”

Jason has nothing but respect and pride for the accomplishments of his children. He and his wife will miss them when they leave, but they’re looking forward to watching the next part of their lives unfold.

“This next chapter of life is where it is bittersweet,” Jason said. “But we know that this is best for them, and this is going to be a great chapter in their lives.”