A few reasons to add ‘Finding Neverland’ to your calendar

“Finding Neverland” will open at Cincinnati’s Aronoff Center on Tuesday, Nov. 7 and run through Sunday, Nov. 19.

We talked to Genevieve Holt, General Manager for Broadway in Cincinnati, to find out more about this hit production.

Q: What do you consider as some of the production’s highlights?

A: The show is visually stunning, and in particular, I love the sumptuous costumes. It also tells a fascinating story about J.M. Barrie’s life, how he dreamed up the world of Neverland, and the risks involved with bringing that story to the London stage.

Q: Do you have a favorite, scene, song or moment in the show?

A: I do – but I can’t tell you much about it without a spoiler alert. But there’s a moment at the end of this show that is so beautifully staged it will give you chills.

Q: How do the cast members and other aspects of the show (staging, lighting, costumes etc.) complement the script/story?

A: The cast really makes this show come alive, especially the children who ultimately give Barrie the courage and inspiration to follow his dreams.

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Q: What are some of the common themes that run through the show?

A: Two of the biggest themes that run throughout the show are the power of imagination and the beauty of family.

Q: What’s the number one reason why audiences won’t want to miss the show?

A: It’s a deeply touching musical, and tells a fascinating background story that most people don’t know. It’s a gorgeous production, and well worth a night out.


What: "Finding Neverland"

Where: Aronoff Center for the Arts, 650 Walnut St., Downtown Cincinnati

When: Nov. 7-19

Cost of tickets: Tickets start at $30 (Plus service fees.)

More info:www.cincinnatiarts.org

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