Melania Trump look-alike says she's getting death threats after racy T.I. video

The model who plays Melania Trump in rapper T.I.'s controversial new video is opening up about the threats she's received since the video's debut.

Melanie Marden is no Melania, she says, but the 35-year-old Canadian has been on the receiving end of some scary backlash after her portrayal of the first lady.

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In the video, Marden as Trump walks into the Oval Office wearing nothing but the first lady's notorious green Zara jacket reading "I REALLY DON'T CARE, DO U?" (which Trump told ABC News was directed at the left-wing media) and a pair of heels.

She steps in front of T.I., undresses and begins dancing on the desk before spray painting over the eyes of her husband's portrait.

The racy video was called "disrespectful and disgusting" by the first lady's spokesperson.

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Marden told Inside Edition the has been a lot of backlash since the video was first posted by T.I. on social media.

"Somebody was going to hit me with their car," she claimed. "Somebody was going to take a baseball bat to me. Somebody wished me to get raped and then killed."

Marden added that she doesn't think that the first lady should have been upset by the video.

"The first lady's husband does a lot of bullying himself," she said. "So they've got some thick skin. If I was insulting her and degrading her, then it would be one thing, but I don't think I was."

Marden also posted on an image on Instagram that said "Be Strong. Be Brave. Be Fearless," on which she wrote a lengthy caption about her role as "#nakedMelania."

"It was a creative choice for me, and also an opportunity to empower women," she said. "I stand firmly in my decision to share all of myself in this role. I wanted to be brave, be fearless and for the first time in my life do a role that required nudity. The body is nothing to be ashamed of."

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Marden continued: "In this time where women are finally speaking up about being victimized I felt good about being a strong enough woman to portray a nude First Lady. It was a hard decision for me but I'm proud of myself for being so brave."

"To all the political people threatening me, I remind you this is a music video," she said. "Relax! I am an actress who played the role of #nakedMelania just like when (Alec Baldwin) Portrays Trump on (Saturday Night Live)."

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