Kings Island’s antique car ride was first driving experience for many kids

Starting in 2019, the antique cars will be motoring again at Kings Island.

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Renamed as Kings Mills Antique Autos, the family ride will return to the Mason amusement park in spring 2019, park officials announced Thursday.

Guests will be able to drive the two-thirds scale of a 1911 Ford Model T around a scenic quarter-mile track equipped with a small rail to keep the car on path.

The ride lasts about three minutes and will be comparable to the original Les Taxi antique car ride. The ride will have 18 cars and the route will feature lush landscaping, water features, a covered bridge and more.

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Chad Showalter, communications director for Kings Island, said Thursday’s announcement comes exactly 14 years after the park closed the popular ride.

“When we ask guests what they would like to see return to Kings Island, the most popular response, by far, is the antique cars,” Koontz said. “For so many, it’s an attraction they remember riding with family or it was their first ‘driving’ experience as a kid. That’s why I think it holds such a special place in their hearts.”

The ride’s name, as well as theming throughout the attraction, is expected to enhance the nostalgic experience for riders.

“I remember riding this as a kid,” said Omar Ruiz of Columbus. “Overall, we’re excited its coming back.”

Ruiz and his family were eating at the Festhaus when the announcement was made. He said Thursday was the 20th time his family has been to the park this year.

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In recent weeks, amusement park enthusiasts have been on a roller coaster ride of excitement trying to speculate what new attraction was coming to Kings Island.

In a press kit released on Wednesday, the park promised that “something old will be new again” when people visit Kings Island next year.

That had some roller coaster enthusiasts convinced the park would resurrect the defunct Son of Beast, which was torn down in 2012.

Here’s what some people had to say about the new ride announcement:

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