Cincinnati LGBTQ+ bar, The Birdcage, expanding and moving

CINCINNATI — The Birdcage, an LGBTQ+ bar that’s been packing its Race Street location for years, will fly its coop in favor of a larger nest downtown, the bar announced on social media on Thursday.

It will move to the former Rebel Mettle Brewery location on Central Avenue downtown — but the current location isn’t totally going away either. Instead, the downtown location will become the new Birdcage Bar and Nightclub while the 927 Race St. location takes on a chiller, more low-key lounge vibe.

“The Flock will become our low-key ultra lounge, fit for laid-back drinks and gatherings, intimate live music, comedy shows, performances and more,” reads the social post by The Birdcage.

The Central Avenue location will offer Birdcage much more space than it enjoyed before — the multi-level space spans 7,000 square feet, allowing the bar to embrace bigger events and performances.

On its social media page, The Birdcage said the upgrade in size could mean a dedicated stage and performance area, two separate bars, lounge spaces, seating areas and more — including cocktails on tap.

The business didn’t announce when the shift to the new location would happen for sure, or when the Race Street location will unveil its full new persona.

The Birdcage opened its doors in 2018 at the Race Street location, which was formerly home to well-known gay bar Shooters. The owners of the bar also operate several other establishments throughout Cincinnati like The Butcher and Barrel, Ché, O’Malley’s in the Alley, The Blind Pig, Gypsy’s Mainstrasse, and Coffee at Lola’s.

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