Oxford Police Reports, July 18-24, 2022

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Police lights. AP PHOTO

Son punches window, dad goes to jail

A police officer saw what he thought was a stabbing victim walking into McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital at 5:34 a.m. July 24. The male was dropped off by someone driving a white truck. He was known to the officer as Aaron Mace and said he had been dropped off by his father, Herbert Mace, 50.

The officer then drove to an address known as that of the father and son, where he saw a white truck with blood on the driver’s side door.

Herbert Mace then explained his son’s injury was not due to a stabbing, but was the result of his son punching a window at the residence of his girlfriend in Indiana. The officer contacted Union County, Ind. deputies who confirmed Aaron Mace had received the laceration by punching through a window.

A check with dispatch, however, confirmed there were five failure to appear warrants for Herbert Mace through the Butler County Sheriff’s Department. He was placed in handcuffs and put into a police vehicle and taken to the Butler County Jail, where he was booked in on the warrants.

Protection order violation alleged

An officer took a report at the police station from a couple who said they were greeted by shouts from a man against whom they had a protection order when they entered the Oxford Walmart store. The report was made a 6 p.m. July 20.

The two people said they saw the male as they entered the store through the double doors to purchase camping equipment. As they entered, they said the man, listed as an uncharged suspect because he had not been charged with any offenses, could be seen in the frozen food section. They said he started to “make a scene” by yelling “Hi” and calling out to them by name and shouting that he was in a public place and allowed to be there.

They said they went to opposite side of the store to get away from him. The woman was in tears and was “panicked on edge,” according to her companion who said he found a Walmart employee to escort them out to their vehicle so they could return later to get the items they wanted. He said the uncharged suspect was not seen as they walked back to their car.

The officer spoke to a witness who described the statement of facts consistent with what the couple had reported. The officer was unable to review surveillance video to determine if the uncharged suspect had left the store after the encounter.

Son broke cane over mom’s head

Police responded to an apartment in the 5000 block of College Corner Pike at 11:57 p.m. July 22 on a report of an assault. Responding officers found a woman known to them holding a dish towel to the left side of her head and crying. She said her son, Donnie Wilder, 38, had hit her in the head with her cane, breaking it.

Officers found the cane near the door covered in blood and broken in half. The officer applied pressure to the head wound until EMS arrived to take her to McCullough-Hyde Memorial Hospital. She was asked again what had happened and she repeated her son had hit her with her cane.

She said he had called her an obscene name and she had tapped him with the cane telling him he cannot call her that. She said he grabbed the cane and swung it at her, breaking it on her head and then hitting her on the arm.

Other officers at the scene questioned Wilder who admitted hitting his mother with her cane after she had called him a name and he used the cane in retaliation to the insult.

The wooden cane was photographed and collected as evidence. It was logged into property at the police department. Wilder was charged with domestic violence and taken to the Butler County Jail.

Xbox theft follows roommate assault

A resident of an apartment on Arrowhead Drive told police an Xbox had been stolen from his apartment on the same day another resident had been arrested for an attack on another person who had been staying at the apartment. The report was made July 23.

The report of the XBox theft was reported by the victim who said he had been out of town for some time and returned to discover the theft. He accused an uncharged suspect who had been arrested for an assault on a person who had been staying there temporarily. The cords and controllers of the Xbox were still in place but the console was missing.

The victim said the person who had been attacked in that prior report had contacted him with information about the theft before leaving to go home to another country. The victim said he had waited to make a report until he returned to the apartment and saw for himself the property was missing.

The uncharged suspect was not named in the report but was not believed to have been back there since the day of his arrest. The theft victim, however, said he could not find the keys of the uncharged suspect but his cell phone was still in his room.

The officer checked the jail and the uncharged suspect had been released following a video arraignment. The serial number of the Xbox was included in the property section of the report.

Porch pirates dump debris at park

An officer of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources discovered a pile of trash in Hueston Woods State Park and found it to include empty delivery packages from various locations in the city of Oxford. He contacted one of the people whose name was found on the packaging and learned it had been stolen from the porch and contacted police.

The officer contacted the victim, who said he was in the process of moving in from another state. He said he had learned three packages were stolen and the packaging and empty boxes found at the park.

An air mattress had been delivered at 11:22 a.m. the day before but also missing were a blanket and Spectrum router equipment. Those final two items were apparently delivered the day earlier or that day.

He then filed a theft report once he was aware of the losses. The debris at Hueston Woods also contained packaging from two other local addresses, both on Northridge Drive. There was no answer at either of those addresses but the officer was going to attempt a follow up for them.