New trial date set for woman accused of killing 3 family members in I-75 wrong-way crash



A new trial date has been scheduled for a woman accused of killing three Warren County family members in a wrong-way crash on I-75 nearly four years ago.

The trial for 24-year-old Abby Michaels is scheduled to start on June 5, according to Montgomery County Common Pleas Court records. A final pre-trial hearing will take place on May 25.

Michaels’ was previously scheduled to go to trial on Feb. 28, Aug. 1 and Sept. 19 of last year, but the dates were continued.

In the order setting the June 5 trial date, Judge Steven K. Dankof wrote: “Absent extraordinary cause, no further continuances will be granted.”

Last September Michaels’ defense requested the trial be delayed in order to review medical records by an expert epileptologist and to consult a psychogenic seizure expert, according to court records.

“The state opposes the requested continuance, primarily owing to the wishes of the decedents’ family – a reason with which the Court is not unsympathetic,” Dankof wrote in the order granting the continuance. “However, in order to ensure Ms. Michaels receives actual, authentic due process, this Court finds defense counsel’s argument in favor of the continuance persuasive and, therefore, the court hereby continues trial of this matter until a subsequent date as set forth below.”

Michaels was indicted on six counts of murder, six counts of aggravated vehicular homicide and one count of operating a vehicle under the influence in connection to a crash on St. Patrick’s Day in 2019.

She’s accused of getting onto I-75 South from an emergency turnaround in the highway’s median and driving into an oncoming Toyota Camry. The Camry’s occupants, Timmy and Karen Thompson and their 10-year-old daughter Tessa, were killed in the crash.

Montgomery County Prosecutor Mat Heck previously said that despite Michaels being at a bar that night, intoxication was not a factor in the crash.

“This was not an accident. This defendant was upset and decided to take the action that she did,” Heck said during a press conference following Michaels’ indictment in July 2019. “Evidence shows this defendant knew what she was doing and what she wanted to accomplish.”

Michaels’ defense team declined to comment on the case when contacted Tuesday.

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