Monroe officer shoots dog during investigation of burglary

A burglary call in Monroe on Monday afternoon resulted a police officer shooting a dog across the street from a school, according to police.

Monroe Police received a call about 3:24 p.m. about a man climbing through a window across the street from Monroe Primary School on Maccready Drive.

When officers arrived to investigate the possible burglary, a dog left the residence as they approached the front door and charged one of the officers, according to police.

The dog lunged at the officer, who was initially able to deflect the animal. But the dog continued to be aggressive and lunged again, according to police. The officer then drew his service weapon, fired and struck the dog.

Due to the proximity of the incident, the school was told to shelter in place until the scene was secured.

An investigation revealed the male was visiting the residence, climbed through the window and had permission to do so.

The officer receive minor injuries to his leg. Due to the extent of the dog’s injuries, the owner signed the dog over to the county dog wardens in order to be euthanized.

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