Homestyle Hug: Send your loved ones a Thanksgiving meal from Bob Evans

Credit: Bob Evans

Credit: Bob Evans

This year, giving thanks might look a bit different, due to the global pandemic. Thankfully, though, one Ohio-based restaurant chain is hoping to bring people together with a special Thanksgiving meal — even if it’s in a virtual fashion.

For more than 30 years, Bob Evans has been perfecting the Thanksgiving meal, and this year, the restaurant chain is launching their “Homestyle Hug” program as a way for customers to share the gift of food with their loved ones.

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“We’ve been perfecting Thanksgiving for more than 30 years, and feel privileged that guests make us part of their holiday celebrations, whether in our dining rooms, or theirs,” said Bob Holtcamp, chief marketing officer for Bob Evans Restaurants. “But we also know that this year will prove challenging to families who can’t be together in person. Sending a Holiday Homestyle Hug is the perfect way for our customers to bring comfort to loved ones with a hot meal or a delicious ready-to-heat Thanksgiving feast.”

Bob Evans’ new Thanksgiving initiative allows people to send a virtual hug (but real Thanksgiving food) straight to the doorstep of a loved one with just a few simple clicks. Customers can choose from multiple Homestyle Hug options, including the Farmhouse Feast, a complete holiday meal-to-go that’s ready to heat and serve, a hot Family Meal to Go that serves up to six or an individual meal.

As far as the Farmhouse Feast goes, guests can choose between the Premium Farmhouse Feast, consisting of both slow-roasted turkey and hickory-smoked ham that serves eight to 10 people, or the Farmhouse Feast centered around turkey or ham, which serve a smaller group of four to eight people.

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Credit: Ryan Benyi Photography

Credit: Ryan Benyi Photography

The Farmhouse Feast offers a combination of these Thanksgiving-inspired sides:

  • Bread and celery dressing
  • Mashed potatoes with gravy
  • Green beans with ham
  • Macaroni and cheese
  • Cranberry relish
  • Fresh-baked rolls
  • Pumpkin bread
  • Pumpkin pie
  • Double-crust apple pie

The Premium Farmhouse Feast is $124.99, while the smaller version, the Farmhouse Feast with ham, costs $54.99 for four people and $84.99 for eight people, and the Farmhouse Feast with Turkey costs $59.99 for four people and $89.99 for eight people. These feasts can be ordered by calling your local restaurant, visiting Bob Evans' website or stopping by a Bob Evans restaurant to place an order before Tuesday, Nov. 24. The Farmhouse Feast will be available via curbside pickup, carryout or delivery through Wednesday, Nov. 25.

Already have your Thanksgiving meal plans set in stone? Bob Evans will also be offering their Farmhouse Feast for other holiday celebrations through Jan. 4.

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If you’re looking to spend less money on your feast (or the Thanksgiving feast you’re purchasing for a loved one), Bob Evans also offers Family Meals To Go that include a variety of homestyle meal options, including their new hand-breaded fried chicken, slow-roasted turkey, salads, fork-tender pot roast and more. Most of the Family Meals serve up to six people and prices start as low as $4.99 per person.

For more information about the “Homestyle Hug” program at Bob Evans, visit their website.

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