New local beer in honor of veterans will help raise funds for wall at park

Ale to be tapped Friday at Municipal Brew Works inside Spooky Nook.

Municipal Brew Works will tap a brand new beer to celebrate veterans on Friday, honoring all who wore the uniform.

It will also raise awareness for the Butler County Veterans Services Commission, said Municipal Brew Works co-owner Jim Goodman.

“We’re trying to draw attention to what they’re trying to accomplish,” said Goodman of the commission. “This is the first beer out of our new system at Spooky Nook, our new brewhouse.”

The citrus hopped golden ale is called IGY6, an abbreviation for “I Got Your 6,” and will be the first original specialty beer created in the new brew house.

“This type of situation was one of the main reasons we looked at expanding in the Spooky Nook facility,” said Goodman. “Having that brew house there allows us to do more beers for specific events, specific causes for bars and restaurants that might want their own house beer, collaborations with other breweries or other philanthropic organizations. We just never really had the fermentation capacity to do that, and now we do. This is right up the alley as far as what we want to do with this brew house and who we want to be as a brewery.”

While the new veterans’ beer is to draw attention to the Butler County Veterans Services Commission’s resources and causes, a portion of the proceeds of the beer sales will go to a Hamilton Community Foundation fund set up to raise money for the maintenance and upkeep of the memorial wall at Veterans Park at 20 New London Road.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Hamilton Community Foundation fund set up, called the Butler County Veterans Memorial Maintenance Fund. Donations inspired by the new citrus hopped golden ale at Municipal Brew Works aren’t the only new money coming into the maintenance fund. The Casual Pint held a Dine2Donate on Wednesday to benefit the fund.

The idea to create a beer with a Hamilton brewery was brought up by Steve Harbin, a service officer with the Butler County Veterans Services Commission, about a year ago. He said it would be neat to do what IGY6 aims to do: honor veterans, as well as raise awareness and support to maintain the veterans’ memorial wall on New London Road.

“In the end, the benefit is we’ll be able to maintain that veterans’ wall again that’s not been taken care of in quite a long time,” Harbin said.

There has not been an update to the wall since those Butler County residents died in the Vietnam War, he said. And for not to have any of the Iraq or Afghanistan war veterans killed in action honored on the wall is “disheartening.”

But what it comes down to, he said, is funding.


What: I Got Your 6 ale tapping

Where: Municipal Brew Works brewhouse at Spooky Nook Sports Champion Mill, 600 N. B St., Hamilton

When: Open 3:30 to 10 p.m. Friday


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