Showers and storms possible today; rain and warmer temperatures ahead

The National Weather Service in Wilmington reported that the Miami Valley will see showers and a possibly a few thunderstorms to begin the week.

Most of the thunderstorms expected today will be in the late afternoon. Temperatures will range between the upper 60s and upper 50s and the area may see some wind, the NWS said.

Overnight, chances of showers will drop. However, more rain is possible in the morning, with chances of thunderstorms in the afternoon on Tuesday.

Most of the storms are expected after 2 p.m. on Tuesday, the NWS said. During the day, the skies may be partly sunny. Temperatures will be slightly warmer, with highs around 75 degrees, Overnight, temperatures could drop to about 59 degrees and the area may see more showers in the early evening. Most of the rain and storms are expected before 8 p.m., the NWS said.

On Wednesday, the area will see higher temperatures, reaching up to 81 degrees during the day. More storms are possible in the afternoon, though chances of rain are low, the NWS said.

Overnight, temperatures will drop to about 60 degrees and the skies will be cloudy, the NWS said.

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