Cold, sunny with wind chills around zero tonight; Snow showers could return Sunday

Today will be cold and breezy, with wind chills between 10 and 20 degrees, according to the National Weather Service in Wilmington.

It will be mostly sunny during the day, but temperatures will stay below freezing with highs reaching around 27 degrees. Thursday kicks off a stretch of chilly days with temperatures slightly colder than normal.

Tonight, clouds will clear a little more and winds will decrease as temperatures fall to a low between 7 to 12 degrees. However, due to the low temperatures, a wind chill around zero degrees is possible around dawn on Friday.

During the day on Friday, the forecast will be similar to today, with mostly sunny skies and a high around 25 degrees.

Temperatures will dip down into the single digits overnight, with a low around 8 degrees.

Clouds will increase during the day on Saturday, for mostly cloudy skies around nightfall. It will be a little warmer Saturday, but it will struggle to get above freezing with highs reaching near 31 degrees during the day and lows around 20 degrees overnight.

There’s a chance for snow showers on Sunday, with the best chance north of the Ohio River, according to NWS. A few tenths of an inch are possible, but details will become clearer in the coming days.

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