Showers with chance of thunderstorms today; Warm, rainy this weekend

Scattered rain expected over weekend

Today will be rainy, with showers likely and a chance of thunderstorms for most of the day, before a mostly wet and warm weekend, according to the National Weather Service in Wilmington.

There will be a few hours after sunrise and before sunset, when there will be only a chance of rain and storms.

Rain and storms may cause local flooding, especially in areas with multiple storms or slow-moving storms, the NWS said.

Rain and thunderstorm chances will continue to gradually fall overnight, dropping to a slight chance after midnight.

Highs will be around 86 degrees, and lows will be around 71 degrees.

Over the weekend, the NWS said that there will be scattered rainfall, with a chance for storms that could bring locally heavy rain.

On Saturday, starting around dawn, thunderstorm chances will drop away but there will be a chance of rain throughout the morning.

There will be a chance of thunderstorms again starting around noon before both rain and storm chances fall and trail off in the late afternoon.

Clouds will also gradually decrease, for partly cloudy skies in the evening. Highs will be around 88 degrees.

On Saturday night, it will be partly cloudy as temperatures fall to around 72 degrees.

On Sunday, there will be a slight chance of rain during the day, with chances rising slightly before noon. There will also be a slight chance of thunder around sunrise and starting around noon. Both rain and thunderstorm chances will end in the evening.

It will be partly cloudy overnight.

Temperatures will be hot on Sunday, with highs around 88 degrees and lows will be around 73 degrees.

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