Mostly sunny, cooler for Easter weekend

Skies will be mostly sunny but temperatures will be slightly below normal for Easter weekend.

Today will be dry, mostly sunny and with a few high clouds. The high temperature will be in the low 60s, according to the National Weather Service in Wilmington.

Gradual clearing of cirrus clouds occur today and through the afternoon, NWS said. Skies will be mostly clear through the remainder of the weekend.

Shield of cirrus clouds moves off to the east, NWS said. Skies stay mostly clear for tonight, which will have an overnight low around 35 degrees.

“Areas of frost will be possible later tonight, mainly in the sheltered locations,” the NWS said.

Easter will a bit warmer and sunny with a high in the mid-60s. Skies stay clear for Sunday night, which will have an overnight low around 38 degrees.

After a sunny start to the new workweek with a high near 68 on Monday, temperatures will push through the 70s this week and may reach 80 degrees for Friday. No rain is yet in the forecast, according to the NWS.

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