High winds possible today, thunderstorms tomorrow and Tuesday

Today, the Miami Valley will see warm temperatures and high winds, with gusts reaching nearly 30 mph, the National Weather Service in Wilmington reported. Tomorrow, the area could see thunderstorms, with hail and high winds possible.

We will see high temperatures reaching about 80 degrees, with lows overnight reaching just below 60 degrees, the NWS said. Wind speeds will range between 10 to 18 mph, with gusts up to 28 mph during the day. Overnight, the area may see some showers, mainly after 1 a.m. The wind will remain overnight, however wind speeds may die down.

Tomorrow, showers and thunderstorms are possible, particularly after 9 a.m., the NWS said. Temperatures will be slightly cooler, ranging between 75 degrees and 62 degrees. Overnight, thunderstorms may bring high winds and hail that could last into Tuesday, the NWS said in a statement.

On Tuesday, storms may continue through the morning and into the afternoon and evening. Temperatures will remain near the 70s during the day, but could drop as low as 48 degrees overnight.

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