Cloudy, mild today ahead of sunny, warm weekend

After a stormy night, Friday will be cloudy and mild, with highs around 75 degrees, according to the National Weather Service in Wilmington.

Clouds will gradually decrease in the afternoon and evening, for mostly clear skies after midnight. Skies may appear hazy or milky due to continued wildfires in Canada.

Lows will be around 54 degrees.

Saturday will be sunny and warm with highs reaching up around 80 degrees, followed by a mostly clear night with a low around 58 degrees.

Sunday will be sunny and warm, with highs climbing up to around 83 degrees.

Clouds will gradually increase during the day and overnight, for mostly cloudy conditions after dark as temperatures dip to around 63 degrees.

There’s a slight chance for rain overnight Sunday and into Monday. The chance for rain and thunderstorms will continue through most of the work wee next week, according to NWS.

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