The weirdest story you’ll read today involves Miami hockey — and a tapeworm

A Miami University hockey player might transfer to Ohio State.

Oh, no, that’s not the weird part.

What’s strange is Carson Meyer is leaving Oxford because he wants to put behind him a year marred by the effects of a 25-inch tapeworm hanging around in his digestive system.

The Athletic has the whole story of Meyer, a central Ohio native and Columbus Blue Jackets prospect who couldn't figure out why he felt awful throughout last season for the RedHawks.

After totaling 10-16-26 in 32 games as a freshman, Meyer dipped to 6-4-10 in 36 games this season. He had 48 penalty minutes (up from 14 in 2017-18) and a minus-22 rating.

"Not only did I feel slow and way more tired than everybody else," Meyer said, "but I just had this mental fog. I couldn't even think straight. I'd be on the bench zoned out, and I had to snap myself out of it.

"When I had my exit physical, they showed me all of my medical complaints. They have to keep track of every time a player comes to them about something. My chart, from September to March, was just 'fatigue, fatigue, fatigue.' "

Once Meyer passed the worm, a clear picture of what he’d been going through emerged, but there was some collateral damage.

"I don't blame (Miami) for having no idea what was going on," Meyer said. "But I think they probably regret the way they handled it now. I didn't like the way it was handled. They had no idea just like I had no idea, but they used a bunch of different tactics to get me out of what they thought was just a slump.

"I love Miami, I love the people and I love my teammates," Meyer said. "But I needed a fresh start. I kind of ran out of hope playing there this year, just getting beat down all year. I need a fresh slate starting somewhere else."

If the Central Ohio native settles on continuing his career at Ohio State, he might have to wait a year to don the Scarlet and Gray.

If Meyer can’t get a waiver from the NCAA that would let him play right away, he’ll have to sit out a season per transfer rules.

Hasn’t he suffered enough?

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