Ohio State’s Landers sends condolences to families of shooting victims

Wayne grad talks about his struggles with mental health in Twitter video

Ohio State Buckeyes defensive tackle Robert Landers, who made public his struggles with mental health in January, posted a video to Twitter on Tuesday in which he sent condolences to the families of the victims of the recent shootings in Dayton and El Paso, Texas. He also spoke again about his "uphill battle" against mental health problems.

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Landers, a Wayne High School graduate and a fifth-year senior at Ohio State, said his younger brother Trey, a senior on the Dayton Flyers men's basketball team, was in the area of the Oregon District shooting on Saturday.

Speaking of the shootings, Robert Landers said, “It all, to me, circles back to mental health. You’ve got so many people in the world today struggling with this disease called mental health that a lot of people don’t want to talk about. It’s a real thing, and it really does affect people in a negative way, and a lot of people don’t know how to handle it. I can say, me personally, I’m one of those people who have suffered from mental health on many occasions. God has continued to bless me and put me in certain positions, but it’s still an uphill battle on a daily basis.

“We’ve all got to walk strong, walk with our heads up high. For me, the best way I’ve learned to deal with this issue and this disease is by surrounding myself with the best possible people I can surround myself with — good quality people, people that no matter what’s going on in my life, no matter what’s going on in their life, if I need them, they’ll be there.”

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