NFL Players Association report card: Bengals ranked lowest in NFL for treatment of families, cafeteria and dietician

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

Molly Schramm


CINCINNATI — Of the NFL’s 32 teams, the Cincinnati Bengals ranked 26th overall in the NFL Players Association’s team report cards.

The report cards — created with input from current players — grade teams A+ through F- on key categories, such as training staff, weight room quality and the treatment of families. The Bengals received a D+ score or lower in four of the 11 categories graded, but they improved their overall ranking from last year’s report card.

Cincinnati received a “F-” and is ranked 32nd in treatment of families, food/cafeteria and nutritionist/dietician. According to the report, the Bengals are one of 12 teams that do not provide players’ families with a family room at the stadium. They are also one of seven teams that don’t provide daycare support to players’ children on game day. The team also is one of four teams that doesn’t offer either a family room or day care in general.

According to the report, players said they want a family room so they can get their loved ones out of the cold, as well as more than a tent outside for families to gather after games. They also want a point of contact for their families because there’s no clear person to reach out to with questions.

The Bengals were the only team to score an “F-” in the food/cafeteria category, as well as the nutritionist/dietician category.

The report notes the team improved from 2023 by offering dinner to players once a week, but they are still only one of two teams that don’t provide three meals a day throughout the week. They also rank 30th overall in food taste and 31st overall in food freshness. Players said they want three meals a day, plus the cafeteria to be open and operating on the players’ off day.

Similarly with the team’s nutritionist and dietician, the report says only 19% of players feel like they receive an individualized nutrition plan. The team’s dietician, who is not full-time, also received the lowest overall grade of any dietician in the league.

The team’s locker room received a “D+,” while the training room received a “B+,” which is an improvement from its “D-” grade in 2023.

On the plus side, the report card shows that “98% of players feel that head coach Zac Taylor is efficient with their time” as well as “very willing to listen to the locker room.”