Johnny Manziel to Canada? It could work

Johnny Manziel and the Canadian Football League could be a match made in heaven.

Just compare clips of Manziel's frenetic playing style at Texas A&M with highlights from CFL-turned-NFL standouts such as Doug Flutie and Jeff Garcia if you need proof.

Or watch Fluie during his second act in the NFL after dominating north of the border.

But could it happen?

ExploreESPN reports CFL commissioner Jeffrey Orridge would allow it (probably).

Sure it's been a long time since Flutie and Garcia were winning Gray Cups, but one could make the argument the NFL game has evolved more in their direction than away.

Of course, Manziel’s biggest questions over the past year haven’t been on the field, so it wouldn’t be as simple as the former Brown signing with a CFL team and diving into a playbook.

He seems to have plenty of other things to work out before he’s ready to go back to work.

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