Commentary: Law school right call for ex-OSU linebacker

Not everybody agrees with his choice, according to some of the Internet posts I’ve seen, but really, a guy in Sweat’s position has a better chance to become a top-tier lawyer than a longtime linebacker.

Too many marginal — and even sensational — athletes get sucked into the pro dream. The average playing expectancy in the NFL is only about 3½ years anyway, and Sweat, a three-time All-Academic Big Ten selection at OSU, wasn’t drafted. He was signed last month by the Browns as a free agent.

Even if he made the team, rookies earn $390,000, which is a lot of money, but not lifetime money.

And speaking of lifetime, Sweat suffered three concussions during his OSU career, then slipped in the shower at training camp recently and bumped his head. The concussion feelings came back and, coupled with what the national story line has been recently, Sweat decided to change careers immediately.

It reminds me of another former Buckeye, tight end John Frank, who played on two Super Bowl winners with the 49ers but had been attending medical school in the offseason.

After the 1988 season, his fifth with San Francisco, he walked away from football to attend medical school full-time.

He told the 49ers he had hurt his hand during the season, and didn’t want that to thwart his medical career.

He now practices hair restoration in New York City.

Maybe one day he’ll need a lawyer and can use Sweat.

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