Cardinals devil magic? Umps may have handed STL undeserved win

One night after a stirring 2-1 win in St. Louis, the Reds were on the end of a walk-off win by the Cardinals on Thursday.


Friday has a potential to be a very interesting day as the umpires’ ruling on the apparent game-winning hit by Yadier Molina is in question. explains in great detail, but the gist is Molina's ball hit a place on the wall that is dubbed out of play.

Therefore, it should not have scored Matt Carpenter with the winning run.

Now, does this really matter in the long run? Well, yes.

The Mets and Giants also won to stay a game ahead of the Cardinals in the race for the two NL Wild Card spots, so every result is crucial as the last weekend of the season dawns.

After the apparent mistake by the umpiring crew, more confusion ensued as people covering the game tried to figure out what mechanism, if any, the Reds had to challenge the play.

Is it over? Maybe not.

The Reds could still file a protest.