Athlete of the Week: Jacob Watkins, Monroe High School

Jacob Watkins

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Jacob Watkins

Name: Jacob Watkins

School: Monroe

Sports: Golf, baseball

Class: 2018

Age: 17

Claim to fame: Golf and baseball

Bet you didn’t know: I have a twin sister

Toughest opponent/why: Myself, because it’s very easy to get down on yourself, and no one can help you change what you think about yourself

Favorite book: Friday Night Lights

Favorite movie: Rocky series

Favorite TV show: SportsCenter

Favorite musical artist/song: Logic/Like Woah

Favorite pro athlete/why: Kobe Bryant because he played for my favorite NBA team

Favorite smell: Burning wood

Favorite home-cooked meal: Mac and cheese

Game-day rituals: Always have one golf ball in my left pocket, at all times

Person who would play me in a movie/why: Ryan Reynolds because he’s one of my favorite actors

Words you live by: You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.

Biggest influence/why: My dad — he has taught me a lot of lessons about sports, work, life, etc.

I am most annoyed by: Barking dogs

I can’t live without: My phone

Most embarrassing moment: In elementary school I shot at the wrong basket in a basketball game

In 10 years, I’ll be: A physical therapist

Best thing about sports: They’re fun and I enjoy playing most of them

Worst thing about sports: They can get very frustrating at times

Vegetable I just won’t eat: Tomato

Favorite junk food: Cool Ranch Doritos

Favorite school subject: Math

Last DVD or video game I bought: PGA Tour

Person whose brain you’d like to pick: Jordan Spieth

Love to trade places for a day with: Rory McIlroy

When I’m bored, I like to: Watch YouTube

Worst habit: Spending my money on fast food

On your bedroom walls: Rocky poster

Talent I’d most like to have: Winking

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