Do you recognize this thief in Hamilton liquor store break-in?

Thieves who broke into Noonan's liquor store early Wednesday morning left a flood of red wine but stole cigarettes and pints of liquor for easy resale, store owners said.

“It’s all drugs,” said Jackie Noonan, who owns the Hamilton store with her husband, Tom, and father-in-law, Jim.

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During the first 15 years of their 19 years in business, there were occasional break-ins at the west side store with just a few bottles taken “here and there,” Noonan said.

But crime has ramped up recently at their family businesses as well as others in the area, she said.

“They are taking what they can carry and sell,” Noonan said.

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Shortly before 4 a.m. Wednesday, thieves broke in through a window, knocking over bottles of red Italian wine. But they went straight for the cigarettes and small bottles of liquor that are easy to sell for drug money, Noonan said.

Before Wednesday’s incident, the business was still cleaning up glass from a break-in a couple months ago that caused about $8,000 in damage, she said.

Noonan guesses the thieves know how long it takes police to respond, because they are long gone when flashing lights are seen.

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The store’s security cameras captured a suspected thief and their car from Wednesday’s break-in, she said.

“I am thankful if they are going to break in that they are doing it at night so no one is getting hurt,” Noonan said. “I sure hope they get caught. Let’s hold some of these people accountable.”

Sgt. Kristy Collins said the break-in remains under investigation and there have been no arrests.

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