Women’s Art Club of Hamilton: First exhibition to display at 2 local galleries

Group’s ‘New Views’ exhibit of all mediums opens this week.

The Women’s Art Club of Hamilton will present its first exhibition, “New Views” as a dual venue exhibition at the Fitton Center for Creative Arts and at The Strauss Gallery.

“As we were forming relationships with the Fitton Center and The Strauss Gallery, through our meetings, and looking for different venues where we could hold meetings, or classes, the topic of an art show came about,” said Elizabeth Rohrbaugh, artist and founder of the club.

The non-juried show will feature a broad range of media, representing the diversity of the women in the Women’s Art Club of Hamilton, who are on an artistic journey.

“While we initially wanted or proposed to celebrate that in March for Women’s History Month, we found that there was the possibility to have both venues participate in February, and they were both very willing to support us, and eager to help. So, it came about in a very fortuitous manner, and the call for art received applications from more than 50 local, women artists, and we have on display over 200 pieces in both galleries,” she said.

Paintings, ceramics, mosaics, installation artwork, printmaking, quilting, sketches, three-dimensional sculpture and fiber work are a few of the mediums represented in the exhibition.

“The work that has been submitted is fantastic. The professionalism and the beauty of the artwork is truly impressive,” Rohrbaugh said.

Submissions for the exhibitions came in via an online submission process. A small group from the art club examined the entries for specific criteria in terms of size and the space available, she said.

“Otherwise, we strongly encouraged a variety of media, and a variety of artforms to be submitted,” Rohrbaugh said.

Women in the group are ages 18 and older, and they reside within a 50-mile radius of Hamilton.

“The title of the exhibition, ‘New Views’ came about from discussions within the group, and Cathy Mayhugh from the Fitton Center was the one to suggest that. It implies a new vision for the local, women artists of Hamilton, and the amazing work that they can do,” Rohrbaugh said.

The exhibition will kick-off with a gallery opening at 5:30 p.m. Saturday. It will be on display simultaneously in the first-floor Community Gallery at the Fitton Center and at The Strauss Gallery. This is dual venue exhibition and both venues are located in downtown Hamilton.

Guests can see “New Views” at the Fitton Center during the gallery opening from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Saturday and at The Strauss Gallery the same evening from 5:30 to 9 p.m.

The exhibition will run through March 3.


What: “New Views,” a debut, dual gallery exhibition presented by the Women’s Art Club of Hamilton

When: On display from Saturday, Feb. 4 through March 3. Open regular gallery hours.

Where: The Fitton Center for Creative Arts, 101 S. Monument Ave. and The Strauss Gallery, 222 High Street. Both venues are in downtown Hamilton.

Cost: Free

More info: Visit Women’s Art Club of Hamilton on Facebook and Instagram. Also, connect or subscribe to the Women’s Art Club of Hamilton newsletter at womensartclubofhamilton@gmail.com.


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