What can you recycle? Recent audit showed many in Fairfield, Centerville don’t know

Rumpke officials found that roughly a quarter of the material put in recycling bins by Fairfield and Centerville customers was not recyclable, according to results of a recent audit.

The goal of the audit is to understand how much “contaminated” material, which are items Rumpke cannot recycle, ends up in recycling facilities.

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The sampling of Centerville customers found 28 percent of material was “contaminated,” and the sampling of Fairfield customers found 23 percent.

A curbside audit will be conducted in July.

Here are things Rumpke will take in recycling bins and carts: 

• Paper products, like cereal boxes, cardboard and phone books

• Plastic bottles, including emptied drink, shampoo and detergent bottles

• Metal cans, but only non-hazardous and non-flammable materials, like soda cans or canned soups, fruits and vegetables

• Cartons, like emptied juice boxes, orange juice and milk cartons.

Here are things you cannot recycle with Rumpke: 

• Plastic bags (grocery stores do take used plastic shopping bags)

• Yard waste and debris

• Any hazardous materials

• Clothing

• Batteries (Click here to find local retailers that takes batteries)

• Pots and pans

• Needles (Rumpke asks people place sharp objects, like needles, in a plastic container, seal lid with tape and write “sharps” on the container. Then dispose of the container in the regular trash)

Source: Rumpke

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