What are Hamilton’s 17 neighborhoods? City officially recognizes them

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

Group called 17Strong has ‘We > Me’ initiative to bring community together.

For more than a decade, the 17Strong Advisory Board and Hamilton leaders have advocated for the city’s 17 neighborhoods.

But it wasn’t until this past Wednesday that Hamilton City Council formally recognized the neighborhoods so, as Mayor Pat Moeller said, “it becomes part of our recorded history.”

The city’s neighborhoods are not just represented by the city but also the 17Strong initiative, a citizen-led advisory board whose goal is to improve and honor these neighborhoods.

“We have 17 wonderful neighborhoods in the city of Hamilton, and although they’re recognized frequently in many different ways, never officially have we recognized all 17 of our neighborhoods,” said Councilmember Susan Vaughn. “When we’re all engaged ― and 17Strong talks about ‘We is greater than Me’ ― it makes a bigger difference in our communities.”

The 17 neighborhoods of Hamilton are classified into one of three types of groups, which are:

  • the urban neighborhoods of Downtown/Central Business District, German Village, Dayton Lane, Rossville, and Riverview/2nd Ward;
  • the traditional neighborhoods of East End, Prospect Hill, Highland Park, Lindenwald, Armondale, Jefferson/4th Ward, and North End;
  • the suburban neighborhoods of Taft Place/Governor’s Hill, Washington, Millikin, New London, and Enterprise Park.

The resolution highlights the city’s interest in assisting 17Strong’s mission by raising awareness and knowledge of the history of the city’s neighborhoods. To put focus on the importance of the city’s neighborhoods, Hamilton created the Department of Neighborhoods, which serves as a liaison to citizens at neighborhood meetings.

What 17Strong has done in the past 11 years has been noticed. The initiative will be awarded on April 6 the Citizen Participation Award from the Ohio City/County Management Association. In 2018, the International Economic Development Council honored the city of Hamilton with its Neighborhood Development Silver Award.

Since 2016, 17Strong’s Neighborhoods Initiative and Microgrants Program has provided more than $250,000 to projects throughout the community.

Moeller called 17Strong “an amazing group,” and added all members of City Council are involved with the organization. Today at 10 a.m. at the Virginia Avenue park in the Highland neighborhood, there will be a Coffee with Council.

“It brings community, it brings neighbors together to be able to have discussions,” said Councilman Tim Naab, adding there will be several other Saturday morning Coffee with Council meetings that will navigate many of the 17 neighborhoods. “There are a lot of commonalities, a lot of distinct things take place in neighborhoods.”


Applications for the 17Strong Love Your Block program opened on Friday, March 24, 2023. The Love Your Block program is a grant program where people apply ― preferably a couple of neighbors grouped together ― and members of 17Strong and other community volunteers help perform minor repairs and cleanup to their homes.

The application deadline is May 12.

For more information, visit 17stronghamilton.org/loveyourblock.

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