West Point graduate Davidson on fatal accident: ‘The reality is that training can be dangerous’

Congressman Warren Davidson, R-Troy, was awestruck when he was told a cadet died at his alma mater, the U.S. Military Academy at West Point in New York.

“Wow,” he said after a few moments after being told of the accident by this news agency. “It’s tragic.”

Davidson, 49, graduated from West Point in 1995, a few years after enlisting in the Army out of high school.

INITIAL REPORT: Cadet killed, 22 people injured in West Point training accident

“Everyone thinks of combat as the main risk, but the reality is that training can be dangerous so you always want to have a great plan for safety,” he said. “The reality is even with the greatest amount of preparation, sometimes there are tragic events.”

Davidson said there were more military training fatalities than combat fatalities in 2017 and 2018.

Thursday's accident involved a Light Medium Tactical Vehicle and occurred at around 6:45 a.m., according to release from West Point. The two soldiers and 20 cadets who were injured have been taken to local hospitals, according to the school.

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