3 West Chester citizens fought to subdue crime suspects. Here are their stories.

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West Chester police make an arrest at a daycare as seen on police body cam footage.

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West Chester Twp. Police Chief Joel Herzog awarded the Citizen’s Commendation Award on Silas and Tyler Rose and Richard Burke on Tuesday. The Roses wrestled with a drunk man who allegedly broke into a day care center and began breaking things on Jan. 29. Two days later, Burke tousled with an armed man who tried to kidnap a postal worker.

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Jason Lehman, 38, allegedly went into the Buffalo Wings and Rings where Silas is the general manager and filled out a job application with “profanities” according to Herzog. When he left their store the Roses followed him because he was screaming and behaving erratically. They followed him over to the Children’s Learning Center, 8100 block of Market Place Drive, and tried to distract him.

Lehman got into the locked daycare center, and the Roses followed.

“Silas and Tyler attempted to calm the man down and stepped in front of him to prevent him from going further into the building,” Herzog said. “The man then punched Silas in the face and began fighting with him and Tyler.”

Herzog said the men’s quick actions were heroic.

“Without knowing whether the man was armed or what his intentions were, these outstanding citizens acted without hesitation to safeguard the lives of others,” Herzog said. “Their actions were nothing less than heroic and clearly above and beyond what is expected.”

Credit: DaytonDailyNews

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A West Chester Twp. man is being held in the Butler County jail after a grand jury indicted him on kidnapping and aggravated robbery charges for trying to take a U.S. Postal truck.

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Similarly, Herzog said Burke jumped into the fray after Charles Warren, 48, of West Chester Twp. allegedly overtook a postal worker in 7900 block of Third Street Jan. 31.

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“Mr. Burke grabbed ahold of the man to intervene, allowing the driver to throw her keys out of the truck and escape the vehicle,” Herzog said.

The postal worker ran to safety and Burke dialed 911. The police chief said this man too is a hero, “disrupting the evil intentions” of another.

“Without Mr. Burke’s heroic intervention this incident could have been much more tragic,” Herzog said. “Mr. Burke displayed exceptional courage, clearly beyond is expected or required of a citizen to rescue another. His actions reflect the highest qualities of the human spirit.”

Both Lehman and and Warren were indicted by a Butler County grand jury on felony charges.

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