‘You are loved’: Hamilton kids build snowmen to support nursing home residents

Snowpeople generally can’t talk, but the ones local children built Tuesday at The Woodlands of Hamilton assisted living and memory-care live-in community told residents there, “We love you.”

One literally had a sign that said, “You are Loved.” Another: “I Hope This Makes You Smile.”

Kt Tunney, the lead concierge there, posted the idea of building snowmen, or snowwomen, on a Facebook page for West Side residents of Hamilton. She was delighted and amazed by the quick response. It also brought smiles to residents like Alice Schwab, a retired nurse who worked at Christ and Fort Hamilton hospitals.

“Absolutely beautiful,” Schwab said. “Absolutely wonderful to behold.”

Good news for Woodlands residents and the snow people, but bad news for those who dislike the cold: Frigid temperatures should keep the snowmen around for a while.

According to Allen Randall, a National Weather Service meterologist in Wilmington, the approximately 6 inches of snow that fell Tuesday was the most in a day since March 8, 2008. Following further snowfall Wednesday, he expects more light snow Thursday morning, with highs in the mid-20s and lows around 15 in coming days.

Saturday night, he expects lows around 5 degrees and highs in the mid-teens. Sunday night could see a low around zero, even colder in some places. Monday could bring snow, with a high temperature of 15-20, he said.

“Some pretty cold temperatures this weekend, with the heart of the cold air looking to be Sunday night into Monday morning,” Randall said.

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

For Schwab, the snowmen brought out smiles, and memories.

“I grew up loving winter and hills and snow in Kentucky,” said Schwab, who grew up in Ashland, Ky.. “Delight came when my father came home with a sled big enough to hold the three of us.”

“It was absolutely awesome to see the artwork in these little hands,” she said.

“They just brought back so many memories of my childhood,” she said. “Just looking at them, it almost was like they came to life. That’s what I felt when I looked at them, that I almost could talk to them.”

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

It’s been many months since she has been able to see her two sons in person because of the coronarvirus pandemic. They live in Hamilton and Fairfield. But she has been able to video chat with them.

“The children who made them should be so proud. Their artwork is just beautiful,” Schwab said.

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