WATCH: Cat rescued from fire, administered oxygen at scene

BROCKTON – Firefighters rescued residents--and ended up saving a cat-- who were all trapped on a second floor porch when their Brockton, Massachusetts home went up in flames.

Fire Chief Michael Williams said four people were rescued from the porch. Two of them were elderly.

All four people were taken to area hospitals as a precaution. They do not have serious injuries, Williams said.

Solar panels on the roof of the home slowed down efforts to knock down the flames, firefighters said.

Firefighters rescued a cat and could be seen giving the pet oxygen. At least two cars were saved from the home.

While firefighters knocked down the flames, Brockton Police arrested the homeowner on a warrant. Williams said the charges were unrelated to the fire, though he did not release specifics from the arrest.

Williams praised his firefighters for their hard work, saying that ladder rescues can be challenging.

“It’s a job well done. I’m very proud of my men and women.” said Williams. “They always do an awesome job. So I’m not surprised. But it should be noticed that they made two great rescues.”

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