‘Voodoo black magic’ threats left on Dayton workers’ desks, report says

Police in this city were called to a Honeywell office building Tuesday after several employees were threatened and “black magic symbols” left on their desks.

Around 2 p.m. Tuesday, Dayton police were called to Innovation Court to gather information from a 45-year-old female employee and a 47-year-old male employee about threatening text messages, letters and items left on their desks.

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"Several employees have been threatened via text and several threatening notes with Voo-Doo or black magic symbols have been left on desks," by an unknown suspect, the police report reads.

The two employees, who have been friends over a decade, began receiving text messages from unknown numbers in April 2017 and again in September 2017. The messages included “untrue allegations against the two,” the police report reads.

The Honeywell employee that called Dayton police Tuesday on behalf of the two workers said there had been five different notes found that day around their work stations.

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In part, one note addressed to the male worker said: “I will get you don't waste you time going to the doctor. I will make you sick,” according to the Dayton police report.

"In addition to the notes, there was salt spread across (the male victim's) desk. There were crosses across the salt with faces imprinted in the salt. In addition to the salt, there were two eggs that had multiple crosses on them," the police report narrative reads.

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