Videos show Middletown shock, fallout after mother charged in death of 6-year-old James Hutchinson

The Middletown community is continuing to react after a mother and her boyfriend were charged in the death and disposal of 6-year-old James Hutchinson last week.

Britany Gosney was charged with murder, and she and James Hamilton were both charged with abuse of a corpse and tampering with evidence in the death of Hutchinson, which Gosney told police happened early Saturday morning before his body was dumped in the river on Saturday night in Indiana.

The Journal-News has covered the community’s reaction that has led to a powerful series of videos.

Watch them, in chronological order, below.

Videos continue after box.

Gosney appears in court

Gosney appeared at her arraignment in Middletown Municipal Court on Monday afternoon and told the judge she had a learning disability that prevented her from understanding the charges he was reading.

Hamilton appears in court

Hamilton was also arraigned on Monday on his charges.

Vigil held Monday night

Community members gathered in Gardner Park in Middletown on Monday, and we captured the emotions and the balloon release.

Hutchinson’s father speaks

Hutchinson’s father was emotional as spoke during the vigil at Gardner Park, with strong words about Gosney and Hamilton.

Memorial grows at Hutchinson’s home

A memorial started in front of the Crawford Street house on Monday morning, and it has continued to grow throughout the week. This video shows the details in all areas of the memorial.

School district organizes memorial event

Middletown Superintendent Marlon Styles Jr. and other teachers and administrators shared their memories about Hutchinson at Barnitz Stadium on Tuesday night.

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