Treasurer: Butler County taxpayers could have ‘sticker shock’ when delayed tax bills arrive

Butler County Treasurer Nancy Nix said some taxpayers will have “sticker shock” in a few weeks when they open their tax bills, which have been delayed for several reasons.

Nix told the Journal-News taxpayers usually receive their tax bills in early February, but this year they will be mailed Feb. 15 and are due March 18. The delay is due to the county-wide reassessment and the fight Auditor Roger Reynolds is waging with the state, among other reasons.

She said she is trying to get the word out about both the delay and tax increases in some areas.

“People can see their bills already online and there are certain parts of the county that they’re just getting sticker shock, or they are going to when they open their bills,” Nix said. “We just want them to be prepared.”

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Reynolds’ office did the required reassessment last year and is fighting the state over a mandated average 20% value hike. Taxpayers in Hamilton and West Chester Twp. will see increases for certain because those entities passed new road and safety services levies respectively. The Hamilton School District also made some adjustments to take advantage of the reassessment hike.

“The folks in Hamilton are going to see their tax bills go up and it’s driven by a levy and the action that school board took by modifying their 20-mill floor threshold,” Reynolds said.

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