Township administrator declines pay raise


Township administrator declines pay raise

Township Administrator Judi Boyko shut down a recent discussion about increasing her salary as soon as it got started.

Trustee George Lang proposed Nov. 12 that Boyko receive a 2 percent raise starting Jan. 1., adding, in his opinion, she is “the best administrator in the state of Ohio.”

“I think she does a stellar job,” Lang said.

But Boyko, who joined the township as its administrator in January 2005, politely declined. She said she was surprised by Lang’s motion, as well as “very humbled and very, very appreciative.”

“It has been since July 2009, however, I would humbly decline any merit increase for the board’s consideration because I think there are several employee groups in the township that last year and this year are not receiving increases because of some financial constraints to specific funds,” Boyko said. “I would not in good conscience feel right about accepting that.”

Boyko is paid an annual salary of $133,736, according to the township. Her last salary adjustment was a 3.5 percent raise, which came in 2009.

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