Too soon to predict 2018 election in Ohio, GOP pollster says

Republican polling guru Frank Luntz says it’s too early to make predictions about the 2018 races in Ohio, though he says he gives the edge to incumbent U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown to hang onto his seat and says the GOP has the upper hand in holding the governor’s office.

“These are advantages that are meaningful and measurable today but that may well change in a year and a half,” said Luntz. “I will warn you guys: do not make a projection now. Based on what we learned with this (2016) election, don’t make a projection until you get to October of next year.”

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Democrats are energized, raising money and organizing but at the same time Republicans are changing regulations and are under pressure to deliver health care and tax reform packages, he said.

“I think you’re going to see an unusually high (voter) turnout for an off year election,” said Luntz, who held a focus group discussion in Columbus with Trump voters this week. “I do believe everything is up for grabs and I think we’ll see a lot of surprises between now and then.”

Luntz said 18 of the 20 Trump voters in the group said they’ll vote to re-elect the Republican to the White House in 2020, as long as he continues to deliver on his campaign promises. Luntz said Trump supporters like his tone, message, cabinet picks, U.S. Supreme Court appointment and other moves so far.

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