‘To Laugh is to Live!’ circus theater show to be on Fairfield stage

Kenny Ahern will bring his high-energy, family-friendly comedy show, “To Laugh is to Live!” to the stage in Fairfield this month.

“The root of what I do is in the circus arts, but I do have a theater background as well, so I’ve blended two of my most favorite things together to create a show,” said Kenny Ahern.

“People have described it, and I love this description, ‘it’s like a silent film comes to life,’ and that’s what I strive for in every performance,” he said.

Kenny Ahern will perform at the Fairfield Community Arts Center on March 25. He has toured all over the globe as a world-class family entertainer.

From theaters to performing at fairs and schools, he shares a captivating performance style that incorporates physical comedy, improvisation, music, dance, circus/theater arts, audience interaction and much more.

Ahern got his start as a performer after a college English professor suggested he audition for Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus and write a research paper about his experience. He went and auditioned, and that was the beginning. Decades later, he has performed thousands of shows for audiences of all ages.

“Most people will find that your calling comes upon you accidentally. As I was growing up, It wasn’t like I wanted to be on stage. That wasn’t me. I was like all the other kids. I wanted to be a firefighter. I had lots of different choices, and other interests,” Ahern said.

He has taken master classes in physical comedy with Broadway star and Tony Award winner Bill Irwin and trained at Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College, receiving a Bachelor in Fun Arts. He also has worked for a theme park, Circus World.

From the goofy faces to occasionally falling down, he said audiences will see a cartoonesque style performance. Ahern involves the crowd and makes the show his own.

“That’s something unique about what I do. I’m not working from a scripted page, where I’m doing something that someone else has created, or having a director imparting their vision on what I do. In essence, I’m a solo performing artist and I do it all. I create the script and I direct myself,” he said.

Ahern is also an accomplished educator. He has served a faculty member with Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Clown College. He also acts as the managing director of Clown Camp in La Crosse Wisconsin, which has trained over 5,000 entertainers worldwide.

Ticket buyers are invited to stay after the show for “Circus Arts Fun with Family,” a post-performance workshop. Attendees will get a taste of the circus and variety arts as Ahern teaches everyone in the family how to juggle, balance objects, and the secrets to being silly.

“This is a family workshop, where we are encouraging parents and their children to participate together to learn a little bit about the circus and variety arts. I will teach a variety of skills that many people see on stage, what they’ll seen in my performance, and I’ll also give them an opportunity to ask questions,” Ahern said.

How to go

What: Kenny Ahern presents To Laugh is to Live!

When: 2-4 p.m. March 25

Where: Fairfield Community Arts Center, 411 Wessel Drive, Fairfield.

Cost: T$20. Ticket includes a post-performance workshop for the entire family.

More info: fairfieldoh.gov/tickets

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