6 things to know about Duluth Trading Co. in West Chester

Duluth Trading Company unveiled its 14,557-square-foot standalone building May 11 with a celebration geared toward the great outdoors.

The grand opening of the Belleville, Wisc.-based company’s newly constructed store at 9578 Civic Centre Blvd. in West Chester Twp. featured lumberjack shows with demonstrations of throwing axes and sawing wood.

The lifestyle brand company aims to provide durable clothing geared toward physical labor but also products wearable in an office setting, including dresses, sweaters and button-down shirts.

Here are six things to know about the new retailer:

1. The product is the brand

Duluth is known for designing product that solves problems, according to store manager Sean Benson. “Take the Longtail T-shirts, AKA the cure for plumber’s butt,” he said. “By adding three inches to the shirt’s body length, modesty and good taste was saved and forever prevented wisecracks on and off the job.”

Last year, Duluth conquered the tug of war in women’s tanks with the introduction of the No-Yank Tank, Benson said. “It features a stay put fit and has extra length to prevent baring your backside when you bend,” he said.

2. The rare physical location

West Chester is just the 21st location of the popular brand nationwide.

“In choosing where to build the first store in the state, we knew we had a large fan base already in Southwest Ohio because of online orders,” Benson said. “West Chester and Union Centre Boulevard made the most sense for the brand because of its accessibility off the freeway and the continual growth as a retail and entertainment destination.”

The closest location to West Chester is Noblesville, Ind., which opened in March.

3. Ready for a break? So is Duluth

The store wants customers to enjoy their shopping experience, Benson said, so it provides them with the comforts of home when a trip to the store becomes slighting tiring. Thirsty? Here’s a complimentary coffee, tea or bottle of water? Tired? Take a rest in a cozy leather chair in the store’s “hospitality area.”

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4. A sense of humor that shows

From plumber’s butt to ‘crouch without the ouch’ with their Ballroom Jeans, customers can check out Duluth Trading Co.’s latest ads on the company’s YouTube channel. “We like to say we bring humor to every day universal truths,” Benson said.

5. Hard work is highlighted

Each store has a theme, displays, photos and found objects that honor hardworking men and women, past and present, Benson said. “In our West Chester location, you’ll find a collection of vintage tools that are great conversation starters,” he said.

6. Boarding the ‘first in Ohio’ train

Duluth Trading establishing its first Ohio location in West Chester is akin to continuing a local tradition. The burgeoning Butler County community also is the site to the state’s only Main Event Entertainment and Topgolf locations. IKEA, which opened its first Ohio store in West Chester Twp. in March 2008, is expected to open a second location in Columbus next month.

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