Suspect called 911 before Middletown officer was shot: ‘Tell the police don’t kill me’

A Middletown police officer shot Monday following a chase from Middletown to Warren County and the suspect who was shot when officers returned fire are both continuing to recover.

Veteran Officer Dennis Jordan and a suspect, Christopher J. Hubbard, were shot shortly before 5 p.m. after a pursuit that began in area of 18th Avenue and ended in the 2600 block of Mason-Montgomery Road in Turtlecreek Twp.

Jordan was shot in the arm, finger and right leg. He is recovering after his release Tuesday from the hospital.

Hubbard, 35, received multiple gunshot wounds when eight officers returned fire, according to officials. He remained hospitalized on Thursday.

Warren County 911 dispatchers got a call from a screaming Hubbard while he sat in the wrecked car just seconds before the shooting started. It is difficult to understand him at times.

“911 tell the police don’t kill me. I am only making calls. They can see my hands … Tell the cops don’t shoot Chris Hubbard. I’ve just got to make these calls, I am calling my mom. I am calling my dad,” Hubbard says to the dispatcher.

The dispatcher tells Hubbard to comply.

“Hey, listen to me, you have got to keep your hands where they can see them,” the dispatcher said.

Hubbard says, “Yes I will do that, both of my hands. They can all see them I promise you … no, don’t do that, they are going to shoot at me.”

A video of the shooting taken by a bystander and released by the Butler County Sheriff’s Office appears to show Hubbard shooting out of the window as K-9 Koda jumps into the car, then police returning fire.

Hubbard was released from prison on April 19 after serving an 18-month term for having weapons under disability and a drug charge.

Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones said Hubbard was wanted on a parole violation and other warrants. Hubbard has been to prison three times for crimes in Butler County. He is also a person of interest in a Hamilton unsolved homicide, according to Hamilton Police Chief Craig Bucheit.

Undercover officers from various agencies were looking for Hubbard on Monday afternoon on 18th Avenue. They were told he was a person of interest in a Hamilton homicide.

Middletown Police Chief David Birk said Jordan was training in the morning with Koda but came into work to assist with the search for Hubbard.

“The undercover units had information he was in Middletown, they pass it on to us and we were assisting them. Our goal was to find a residence on 18th Avenue where we could do a search warrant. Clear everybody out and make it as safe as possible, but he ended up going mobile and the rest is history,” Birk said.

When Hubbard left Middletown in a black Saturn Ion, officers in cruisers that were both marked and followed.

Hubbard wrecked, after an attempt to stop him with stop sticks, in a residential yard on Mason-Montgomery Road. Jordan’s cruiser pulled up close to the Hubbard’s car, and bean bags were deployed to shoot out the windows. Koda went through the window when shots were fired. Jordan and Hubbard were hit, but the dog was not hit.

The Ohio Bureau of Investigation will investigate the incident because there are multiple jurisdictions involved. The investigation will be turned over the the Warren Prosecutor’s Office for presentation to a grand jury.

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