State to look at cases of 6 missing women, including 4 from Middletown

Police are taking a closer look at the cases of six women, including four from Middletown, who have been reported missing in the past year.

“We are going to ask (the Bureau of Criminal Investigation) to come in and take a look, do some analysis to see if there is any connection at least in the Middletown women,” Middletown police Lt. Scott Reeve told this news outlet.

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The six missing women all live within a 35-mile radius from cities along Interstate 71/75.

They are:

  • Amber Whitmer, 30, missing June 6, 2016 from Springfield
  • Amber Flack, 30, missing Sept. 1, 2016 from Middletown
  • Melinda (Oney) Miller, 47, missing Feb. 19 from Middletown
  • Michelle Burgan, 47, missing May 16 from Middletown
  • Reeve said he has talked with a detective from Miamisburg about Coe, but at this point the department is not actively working with other police agencies.

    That’s because other than the proximity there does not seem to be a solid connection, he said.

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    “Other than them just being in the same general area that’s about it for a connection. Some of the women who are missing we heard rumors that they are associated with different incidents, but it is just rumor,” he said. “Until we find them though, we really can’t dismiss anything. That is the frustrating thing, when somebody has rumors or they start a rumor. Can’t prove they are interrelated until we find them”

    Reeve said all the women are adults with a history of drug abuse, and some were homeless and had a history of prostitution.

    “It’s possible they moved on,” Reeve said. “Because they have drug backgrounds it is very possible they overdosed, but because the are getting into cars with strangers, we can’t say that anything bad didn’t happen to them.”

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    Detectives said it is possible English’s disappearance could be related to Lindsay Bogan, who went missing from Middletown two years ago and whose skeletal remains were found more than a year ago in a field on a Madison Twp. farm.

    English made it known to others she was helping police in their investigation of Bogan’s death, police told this news outlet last October. There have been no sightings of English since her disappearance.

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