Cincinnati protests break into smaller groups; Some businesses damaged

Credit: Maddie Schmidt | WCPO

Credit: Maddie Schmidt | WCPO

Protests sparked by the death of a Minneapolis black man while in police custody have fractured in Cincinnati, from a single organized march into smaller groups.

Our news partner WCPO-TV reported that some protesters broke storefront windows and smashed a pane of glass at the Hamilton County Justice Center, while some witnesses reported protesters looting businesses.

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Earlier tonight, WCPO-TV reported that one point hundreds of protesters were on the highway at Winchell Avenue and Bank Avenue. At that time, the news station said that protests were peaceful, if disruptive.

Further protesters stood in front of Cincinnati police headquarters.

Protests were sparked by the Minneapolis death of George Floyd, an unarmed black man who died in police custody while restrained by a police officer who kept a knee on his neck.

Cincinnati police asked residents to avoid the downtown and Over-the-Rhine areas due to several groups behaving violently.

WCPO-TV reported that protests began at the Hamilton County Courthouse before going to Washington Park, then up to the interstate.

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