Speaker launches ‘Selfie-Guided Tour’

Tourism season in Washington, D.C. is nearing and Speaker of the House John Boehner wants to help Ohioans from his home district make the most of the trip — and see some selfie pictures.

Instead of going through the Capitol Building’s visitors office, Boehner is encouraging 8th Congressional District residents to contact his Washington, D.C. office where staffers will offer tours of the Capitol Building and highlight more Ohio-based features in the historic building.

And to show off Ohioans visiting Ohio-influenced areas of the Capitol Building, Boehner’s office is launching the “8th District Selfie-Guided Tour.”

The tour not only showcases specific areas district residents may be interested to see, but it’s also a way to highlight the tour services offered by Boehner’s office. Visitors will be encouraged to share their tour experiences on social media.

Twitter users could also be retweeted by Boehner on Twitter if they use the handle @SpeakerBoehner when posting photos. Twitter users are also encouraged to tag tweets using #SelfieGuidedTour, #OH08 or @USCapitol.

When visitors arrive in Boehner’s Washington, D.C. Office, they will receive a card with the “Top 8 places to take a #Selfie.” Some places on the tour includes:

“I remember when Debbie and I first visited DC with our two daughters — it was the experience of a lifetime,” Boehner said. “With Ohio-specific stops featured throughout the Capitol tour route, I hope our 8th District Selfie-Guided Tour makes learning fun and engaging for the families and students visiting D.C. from our local area.”

Tours are one of the constituent services offered by Boehner’s office where families or groups can request tours through the congressman’s office to places including the Supreme Court, Bureau of Engraving and Printing, Library of Congress and Kennedy Center.

To request assistance from Boehner’s Washington, D.C. office with booking tours or more information on the “8th District Selfie-Guided Tour,” call 202-225-6205. Tour request forms available at www.johnboehner.house.gov.