Son fears dad is orchestrating plan from jail to blow up mobile home

A resident of the Miami Mobile Home Park requested police add extra patrols in the area because his father may be trying to blow up his home.

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The resident told Oxford police his father threatened him before being taken to Butler County Jail for a domestic violence incident on July 4.

The father had written a threat on a pair of pants that he would burn the son’s trailer down, according to a police report.

Since then, the son said he has heard noises under the mobile home during the night. At first he thought the noises were due to animals, but he said he found two places where the home’s aluminum skirting had been moved and imprints in the dirt that looked like someone had been crawling underneath it, according to the report

He also showed police gas and oil cans that had been moved to his porch and placed under the porch.

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The son told police he is worried his father is recruiting people to retaliate against him for the arrest, according to the police report.

Three men described by the son as young and thin also came to his door saying they wanted to speak to him on behalf of his father, according to the report.

They were asked to leave each time by the son, but allegedly told him they intended to carry out the father’s threat to blow up the trailer, according to the report.

Police are investigating.

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