Should I Use a Debit Card Issued by My Health Savings Account?

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Is It OK to Use a Debit Card Issued by an HSA?

A.J. from Kentucky asks: "I understand that Clark doesn't like to use debit cards because credit cards offer more consumer protections. I have two HSA accounts; however, both of them automatically issue debit cards to use for health care expenses whether in person or online. So what do you think about using your debit card through your HSA account?"

Clark’s Take on Whether You Should Use a Debit Card Through an HSA Account

Clark says: "That is A-OK. The kinds of transactions you're doing for medical reimbursement for an HSA [Health Savings Account] are not controversial and not the kinds that you're going to have to worry about, like disputes with the merchant or failure to deliver goods and services. So I'm not worried about that as a method of payment. "

"The great news is that you have an HSA, which is the best tax-advantaged account we're offered as taxpayers in the United States."

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