Retired Middletown attorney writes series of thrillers

As a young lawyer, Middletown native Gregory Pratt began practicing in his hometown. He dashed in and out of area courtrooms for 40 years, all the while taking notes for his second career — novelist.

Pratt, now known to readers as “Gregor Pratt,” recently released a second novel called “Dragon’s Eye” and is preparing to start on a third in the series. They are thrillers centering around two lawyers as the hero and heroine.

A 1970 graduate of Middletown High School, Pratt went on to graduate from Ohio Northern with a degree in economics, and then to law school at Ohio State University.

It was in his college days he was bitten by the “writing bug”, and in his retirement his dream has come to fruition.

“I released the first one ‘Ebola Island’ in November 2019 just before any of us had heard about COVID. It is a pandemic book. And I like to think there are some things I got right,” Pratt said. He researched and outlined the book for four years before writing.

The 70-year-old and his wife Patty now split their time between Florida and Butler County where they have three children, grandchildren and a great-granddaughter.

“I have wanted to write since I was in college, and my first book persuaded me I can write and the people like to read what I write. So I caught the bug. I don’t know how long I will write or if I will decide to retire for real. But I really enjoy it,” he said.

Pratt, who also served as a Middletown city commissioner being elected at age 29 and was involved in local politics, now spends his time “golfing, fishing, reading and writing.”

While Pratt said he has “pages and pages” of notes about ideas for novels that have never gone anywhere, his first attempt was set in Northern Kentucky and is in a box under his desk.

“I think it has legs. It may or may not see the light of day,” he said.

“Dragon’s Eye” is the second in the Jack and Maddy Gamble series. It is an intense, edge-of-your seat thriller about secrets, lies, control … and the terrifying realization about who — or what — is watching you.

Pratt said he puts a little law in all his books, but also keeps in mind it fiction must be fast paced — real life court cases rarely are.

“I like a fast moving story, hit hard at the beginning and just run with it,” Pratt said. “I hope that is what I have written.”

“Dragon’s Eye” is published by St. Armands Press and is available nationwide in hardcover and as a digital ebook.

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