Rescue crews responded to a driver who went into the Great Miami River

Butler County and Hamilton emergency crews responded to an incident involving a driver who went into the Great Miami River at Knightsbridge Drive and Neilan Boulevard early Saturday morning.

The male driver went into the river at Knightsbridge Drive and Neilan Boulevard near the old Champion Mill around 1:45 a.m. Saturday, according to a Butler County dispatcher.

Hamilton Fire Chief Mark Mercer said the man was already out of his vehicle when crews arrived and “was giving a verbal report to our people.”

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Mercer said the man didn’t drive very far into the shallow water near the shore.

“Apparently the car was stopped at the light and then the car behind him hit the horn to let him know the light had turned green, and they were startled and drove over the levee there at Knightsbridge and into the river,” Mercer said. “No injuries, no major crisis going on with it.”

He said crews did transport the man to the hospital, but he didn’t any further information on his condition.

A 911 dispatcher who didn’t want to be named said several emergency rescue team deputies happened to be on duty Friday night, and rescue divers from the Hamilton Fire Department arrived almost immediately.

The witness who dialed 911 was the dispatcher’s 23-year-old daughter.

“It scared her,” the dispatcher said. “She has never seen anything (like it). She’s never had to call 911.”

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