Report: The #1 Online Retailer for Customer Satisfaction

If you’ve shopped online, you know that the internet retail experience can be an uneven one.

Some major retailers are doing better than others serving their customers online, but overall, consumer satisfaction with internet shopping has declined.

That’s the finding of a recently released report from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).

The Retail & Consumer Shipping Report 2020-2021 is based on results from a survey that was conducted between January and December 2020 involving more than 70,000 customers. It addressed several aspects of the online shopping experience, ranging from the variety of merchandise to customer support helpfulness to shipping options.

The sheer volume of online shopping during the COVID-19 pandemic is a major reason for the decline in satisfaction. Here’s how the ACSI report puts it: “More opportunities to experience online shopping are giving consumers more opportunities to be disappointed.”

The #1 Online Retailer for Customer Satisfaction Is…

Some key findings from the report reveal:

  • Nordstrom is #1 when it comes to internet retail customer satisfaction, although its score slipped from 82 to 81 (out of 100) since the previous survey period.
  • Amazon, which used to lead the pack in ACSI internet rankings, has fallen to fifth place.
  • Target was the only retail chain in the report to avoid a lower score in 2020. But it didn't make any gains. It stayed steady at 78, the same score as the average for the online retail industry.

Here Are the Top Internet Retailers for Customer Satisfaction

Company2020 Score% Change
HP Store79-2%
Internet Retail (Average)78-3.7%

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Final Thoughts

Some bright notes of the report show that internet retailers’ mobile apps continue to get high praise from customers along with the ease of the checkout process and payment.

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