Report: Carlisle teen delivered stillborn baby and had eating disorder

The Carlisle teen charged with aggravated murder for allegedly killing, burning, and burying her newborn baby delivered a stillborn baby and suffered from an eating disorder, according to her extended family members who recently spoke with Cincinnati magazine.

The magazine interviewed several relatives of Brooke Skylar Richardson, 18, and they said she is innocent of the charges and the baby was not born alive, but rather stillborn.

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They also said that only Richardson knew she was pregnant, and after delivering the stillborn child at her family home, she was scared and blamed herself, so she buried the baby in her backyard, family members told the magazine.

The relatives, the magazine said, also are upset and frustrated by the Warren County Sheriff’s Office and Warren County Prosecutor David Fornshell. Judge Donald Oda II issued a gag order on Aug. 10 restricting the lawyers, Richardson and her parents, the Warren County Sheriff, the county coroner, and the clerk of courts from publicly talking about the case.

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The family said Richardson admitted to police the pregnancy and burial of a stillborn baby, and showed them where in the yard behind her house she had buried the baby.

Richardson has been out of jail after posting $15,000 bond.

When the Carlisle cheerleader began putting on weight this past year, family members were relieved she was healthy and were hesitant to comment or inquire further, the article said.

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They said Richardson did not know she was pregnant until shortly before she gave birth, and experienced sporadic menstrual cycles all through the pregnancy.

Richardson is scheduled to appear Sept. 27 for a pre-trial hearing. Previous pre-trial meetings took place in Judge Donald Oda II’s chambers, and there was no hearing to put any information on the record.

Richardson’s trial is scheduled to begin Nov. 6.

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