Recount of votes for Butler Co. Educational Services Center board seat to happen Tuesday

Credit: Nick Graham

Credit: Nick Graham

HAMILTON — The Butler County Board of Elections will conduct an automatic recount in the race for a seat on the board of Butler County Educational Service Center.

Voters were to elect three of the five people running to serve on the county ESC governing board on Election Day, Nov. 2. Tawana Lynn Keels edged out Andrea King for the third, and final spot, by 0.19%, which in this race equaled 75 votes.

Keels, who is the board’s current president, was the lone incumbent running for re-election.

The Butler County Educational Service Center is the central educational and service resource for schools, government agencies, families, children and the community of Butler County. It was established in 1914.

The recount is set to begin at 9 a.m. Tuesday at the elections office at 1802 Princeton Road.

An automatic recount takes place when the difference between votes cast for a declared winning candidate and a declared losing candidate is equal to or within a half percent (0.5%) of the total votes cast.

Andrew Brossart was the top vote-getter with 24.62% of the vote followed by Leslie Stone with 22.15% of the vote.

Edward Theroux came in fifth with 15.12% of the vote.

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