Popular Oxford bar will require proof of COVID-19 vaccination or negative test for entry

A popular Oxford bar announced last week that it would limit entry to those who can produce proof they have at least started the vaccination process for COVID-19 or do not have the disease.

Brick Street, on West High Street, wrote on Instagram late last week that it will require either proof at least one vaccination shot, a negative test within 72 hours or a positive antibody test for entry.

“Our #1 goal is to remain at full capacity all year with no restrictions and to celebrate a new beginning with all of you,” it wrote on Instagram.

The post was addressed to Miami students.

“Unfortunately, the Delta variant has spread rapidly in the unvaccinated population threatening once again to potentially alter your college experience and our ability to deliver the Brick Street experience that we have worked so hard to build over the last 2 decades,” it wrote.

Yesterday, the bar followed with another Instagram post about the reaction to its announcement.

“We wanted to express our gratitude for the countless texts, emails, and phone calls from students, parents and even those in the medical community offering support and appreciation for our Covid Policies at the start of the year,” it said.

Brick Street had used its marquee earlier in the summer to include a message urging students to get vaccinated. It has posted other pro-vaccine messages on social media encouraging students to work for a return to normal.

It is a large space with a stage for live shows.

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